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About Us

Date of Establishment 2005


  • Health care quality improvement and promotion of safe, patient-centered, effective health care for every individual in Georgia.
  • Activities

  • Graduate and postgraduate education
  • Training of physicians and health care managers
  • Promotion of Medical Error Disclosure and development of culture of non punitive learning from errors and near misses
  • Legislative Initiatives
  • Translation and Publishing activities
  • Patient Engagement and Advocacy
  • Scientific Research
  • Implemented and current projects

  • Development and edition of “Glossary of Related to Patient and Medication Safety, Best Practices for Preventing Medication Errors and Improving Medication Safety” - English - Georgian Bilingual Booklet
  • Development of National guidelines on Infection Control
  • Development of National guideline on Perioperative Antibiotic Prophylaxis
  • Development of National guideline on Hand Hygiene
  • Creation of TV and Radio coverage on Medication Safety
  • Development and edition of Patient Safety Tips
  • Development and edition of Look-Alike, Sound-Alike Medications Register of Georgia
  • Review and edition of International Recommendations on Medication Safety
  • Development and edition of manual on Safe use of Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Development of manual on Migraine Management and Safe Treatment
  • International initiative “Eastern European and Asian Patients Organizations for Patients’ Rights and Safety “ (18 countries) - establishment, preparation of joint documents and organization of regional conferences
  • Creating multimedia materials on Patient and Medication Safety
  • “South Caucasus Countries for Patient Safety” - first conference, Tbilisi, October 3-5, 2008 –conference organization
  • WHO Patient Safety Solutions - editing and publishing
  • Elaboration of “Patient Safety ” draft law
  • Pain Management - Conferences, lectures, seminars and trainings in Tbilisi and Regional Centres of Georgia (current project)
  • “Health for All” campaign
  • Scientific Researches

  • The customers responsibility in pharmacy institutions in Georgia
  • Control of Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions in Georgian hospitals
  • Research and creation of Registry of Look-Alike, Sound-Alike Medications circulated at the pharmaceutical market of Georgia
  • Understanding of Safety Culture in Georgian Hospitals
  • Pain Management culture survey in medical institutions
  • Medication Safety in Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Award

    1st Place
    Poster presentation “National Implementation of the International Patient Safety Solutions “ at Healthcare Systems, Ergonomics and Patient Safety (HEPS) - 2nd International Conference Strasbourg, France – 25/27 June, 2008


    International Alliance of Patient Organizations (IAPO) WHO PfPS collaborative organization